Lesson Closure
H. Jurgen Combs

CLOSURE - is the wrap-up at the end of the lesson - it is a quick review to remind students what it was that they have learned (or should have learned) and allows you to see where the students are to assist you in planning for the next lesson.

Closure helps you decide:

  1. if additional practice is needed
  2. whether you need to reteach
  3. whether you can move on to the next part of the lesson

Closure comes in the form of a statement from students about what they learned during the class; i.e., a restatement of your objectives. This statement then provides a knowledge of the results for the teacher, i.e., did you teach what you intended to teach and did the students learned what you intended to have them learn?


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last updated on 27 May 2008
H. Jurgen Combs