Content Analysis
H. Jurgen Combs
Content analysis refers to the development of content which is developmentally appropriate for the students you are teaching. In determining the appropriateness of the content, you will consider some of the following:
  • the age of your students
  • the developmental stage of the students; for example, are the students primarily concrete or abstract learners at this stage of their education?
  • the curriculum guide which the school district has provided for you. You have a certain amount of freedom in selecting content but you will be expected to cover the material outlined in the guide. In many cases, your effectiveness as a teacher will be based on your success in following the curriculum. Additionally, the students' next teachers will expect the students to have certain prerequisite sets of knowledge when they enter the next class.

The following are three simple steps in this process:

  1. identify the learning
  2. identity the critical attributes of the learning
  3. write a task analysis



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last updated on 27 May 2008
H. Jurgen Combs