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During college, a prospective teacher takes many courses to familiarize him/herself with the content knowledge needed to successfully teach students. You have also learned how curriculum is organized; for example, in the way your instructors have taught their courses, you have gotten some ideas on how instruction is organized. Similarly, by looking at some of your textbooks, you have learned more about how curriculum is organized. Some of the things you may have noticed include how transitions from one topic to the next are handled, how the content is prioritized, which themes are important and which themes are less important, and how the various parts relate to the whole (synthesis). There are numerous ways to organize your content; for example:

  • chronological

  • thematic

  • abstract to concrete

  • general to detailed

  • simple to complex

How you are going to organize your content will depend on the knowledge that you have of your learners as well as the teaching methods that you will employ.

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last updated on 27 May 2008
H. Jurgen Combs