Field Experiences
Dr. Jurgen Combs

Field Experiences

In this section, provide a chart which demonstrates a wide variety of experiences that  you have had in a number of different schools and grade levels.  Your aim here to present to the interviewer your experiences with students of varying ethnicities, SES, urban/suburban/rural settings.

Use the log of field experiences  that is provided on the web (log sheet for individual courses and cumulative log sheet).  In this chart, show the experiences that you have had at the various schools in the different courses that you have taken.  For example, in Classroom Management, Ed 584, you had a practicum of 20 hours - on that sheet:
  1. in the first column, put the name of the school where the experience occurred
  2. in the second column write the course in which you were enrolled when you did the practicum, i.e., Classroom Management (avoid using course numbers since these mean very little to prospective employers).
  3. in the third column, put the term when the experience occurred - i.e., Sep-Dec 2005
  4. in the fourth column write the grade level with whom you primarily worked
  5. in the last column, put the total number of hours that you spent - these hours need to match the hours recorded on the individual log sheets that you submitted for each of the practica.

Effective 1 Jul 2006, the State has increased the number of hours of classroom experiences required; we are able to count volunteer service and substitute teaching, in addition to the practica requirements (but NOT instead of).  Please download the worksheet and record these hours.

Start this table as soon as you begin your ITL program and update it at the end of each term and then include the most recent version in your portfolio.  Using this method will insure that you will always have the most up-to-date information in your portfolio.


H. Jurgen Combs
updated on Tuesday, May 27, 2008