Similarities of Content Regular & INTASC Portfolio
Dr. Jurgen Combs

While the design of your INTASC portfolio is slightly different from a Regular Professional Portfolio, you will find an amazing similarities in the content that you can place in either system.  Below are the various items that appear in your portfolio and the relationship of these items to either format.

If an item appears in more than one INTASC Principle, select the principle which would best represent the particular item - do not include an item more than once.

Cover Page cover page cover page
Resume introduction Ed background
Educational Philosophy intro,, 3, 4, 8, 9 Ed background
Transcripts 9 Prof Development
Log of Field Experiences 9 Prof Development
Community Involvement 10 Prof Development
Professional Development 9, 10 Prof Development
Awards or Certificates 9 Prof Development


    Lesson Plans/Unit Plans 1, 2, 3, 7 Artifacts
    Pictures 4, 6 Artifacts
    Evaluations of Teaching 3 Artifacts
    Parent Communication 5, 9 Artifacts
    Technology use/Competence 3, 4, 8 Artifacts
    Grading Policies 8 Artifacts
    Field Trips 4 Artifacts
    Community Resources/Guest Speakers

4, 10


last updated on 27 May, 2008
H. Jurgen Combs