Technology Competence
Dr. Jurgen Combs

Technology Competence

Many states now require teachers to show competence in technology use - this has two implications:

  1. Teachers must be familiar with some of the basic software; generally the following are considered some of the basic software: word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation programs, publication program, web page development program.  While there are a number of programs available to accomplish these purposes, some schools have adopted specific bundles of software.  While the software may be somewhat different, the basic procedure will remain the same.

  2. Teachers must be able to plan lessons that not only encourages but requires students to use technology as part of their learning process.  Some samples of how college students and provisionally licensed teachers have developed are available.  While some of these may have some "problems" with formatting, etc., they do provide some interesting examples.

Many districts require students to demonstrate their competence; districts have developed formal "check lists" based on state requirements. In some cases, a technology teacher verifies the competence of the teacher; several districts are requiring the teacher to produce a technology portfolio in which the teacher demonstrates competence in the various requirements.  Some basic information on the technology portfolio, which is part of the MED with Initial Teacher Licensure requirement at SU.


H. Jurgen Combs
updated on Tuesday, May 27, 2008