Definition of Research Report
Dr. Jurgen Combs

A research report is a typed report of 6 to 12 pages in length dealing with a topic covered as part of the course content. Your research report consists of research that you do on the topic as well as your interpretation of this information, including applicability to your teaching assignment. For example, explain how you will use the information that you learned, or does the material researched impact on your teaching pedagogy, discipline methods, curriculum development, assessment, etc.  This latter requirement is the key to writing successful papers in the program - always relate how you will use the information learned in your classroom.

As you write the report, keep the following in mind:

  1. Your report must be legible and word processed; use appropriate margins and other formatting as outlined in your research manual.  Use Arial font (or some other easy to read font and keep the size to 12 cpi.
  2. All work must be double spaced or 1 1/2 lines, except when including lengthier quotes but remember to keep these quotations to a minimum.
  3. "Footnotes" are included in the body of the text and are referred to as CITATIONS - they must be used; they are used to
    • indicate the source of direct quotations. They should be used sparingly and only when the wording is so unique that you cannot put it into your own words.
    • give credit of information that is not generally known, for unique information or research data.
    • Failure to give credit for quotes or unique ideas will result in a 0 for the assignment, an F for the course, as well as other disciplinary actions.
  4. You must adhere to appropriate rules of grammar, sentence structure, transitions between paragraphs, etc.  Please review requirements for acceptable work.
  5. Any extensive lists should be included in an appendix rather than in the actual report.
  6. Reports need to be completed in black ink.
  7. It is unethical to hand in a report that is the same, or basically similar, to a report completed for another class.
  8. It is expected that the report completed for the course is original for the class and completed solely by the student; you may be asked to hand in electronic copies of your report for internet review.

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last updated on 17 July, 2009
H. Jurgen Combs