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A variety of search engines are available for searching the Internet; the ones listed below provide a good start for your search of the World Wide Web.

Another excellent search tool is GOOGLE
Arriba Vista An image search engine that retrieves images that have been screened; you can search for dolls and only get dolls. Search by keyword or browse their keyword and categories lists.
The CyberLibrarian's Reststop -  This site includes great tutorials and helpful tools for all Web searchers
ICQuick - has a number of powerful features including outstanding search relevancy (find what you're looking for immediately), comprehensive results (searches 12 engines simultaneously), fast response, advanced syntax support (beyond the capabilities of any other metasearch engine), web, Picture, News and MP3 category searches, one dozen languages are supported
Ixquick - a metasearch engine which allows you to choose a combination of popular sites.
MetaCrawler an Internet search tool
One Seek

Spezify - Spezify is a search tool presenting results from a large number of websites in different visual ways.  "We take web search further, away from endless lists of blue text links and towards a more intuitive experience."

Vivisimo - an ad-free site which offers a very useful search engine and then queries multiple sites.
All the Web - claims to index more than 2.1 billion pages; it tries to decipher the intent of the query by analyzing language patterns and common phrases.  It updates pages every 11 days and thus tends to have fresh informaiton. 
AltaVista - covers 150 million web pages in its database.  It displays 10 hits per screen and ranks these hits by relevance in relation to your keywords.  Each site has a brief description and the last date modified.  You can type queries in conversational tones.  It also offers the ability to translate material from different languages.  For example, you can copy material from a foreign language web site and paste it into a window on the web site of Alta Vista and it will be translated for you.
At Hand
Big Book
Big Yellow
BoardReader - a site that lets you find postings from all over the Web on a variety of topics
CompInfo - a good site for people wishing to find more information about technology and computers
CompletePlanet - the site claims to provide access to over 100,000 search engines and databases
Database America
Digital Librarian - a site aimed at librarians - useful for a variety of research efforts; helpful for academic research
Dmot - a site staffed by volunteers; somewhat similar to Yahoo without ads.
Excite - covers about 1/3 of the pages covered by Alta Vista;  however, some users prefer the web site offered by Excite.  Its search engine searches not only for the words that you typed but also for ideas closely related to your keywords.
The Federal Web Locator
Google - a powerful search engine - one of the most popular sites these days - does not accept money for preferential placement.
GPO Access - catalog of US government publications
Hot Bot - it is to be acquired soon by Lycos; it is very easy to use and has strong search capabilities.
InfoSeek - has a reputation as being more accurate in returning good hits than some of the other web sites and had fewer broken links than some of the other search engines.  It is now part of the Disney/ABC GO Network.
Internet Subject Guides
Internet Sleuth
Invisible Web Directory - searches public records for a wide range of information including technical, medical and other specialized areas.
Itools - offers translation tools, legal dictionaries, computer terminology and a thesaurus that helps you solve crossword puzzles
Look Smart
Lycos - has gotten more popular in the last year or so; it contains a 50 million page database, has a web directory and offers several services.
Magellan a good search engine - this site has an extensive site of specific magazines articles.
Pandia Search Central - this site offers a list of search engines which will allow users to search for a variety of images, shopping, etc.
PubList - Search our database of over 150,000 magazines, journals, newsletters, & other periodicals. Find FREE in-depth information on familiar and hard-to-find publications from around the world, representing thousands of topics.
QUICK: The Quality Information Checklist - How do you decide which web sites will be useful? Here's where  can help. Quick will turn you into explorers. It will help you find clues so you can decide if the INFORMATION in a web site is any good.
Raging Search - Raging Search is the premier search site on the Web. Here at Raging Search, we are dedicated to providing our users the best pure search experience on the Internet. That means the most relevant results, the fastest search, and the easiest site to use.
Researchville - this site allows you to search for breaking news stories from wire services and newspapers.
Search Com
Search Engine Colossus -  provides links to search engines in over 150 countries.
Search Engine Watch - this useful site looks at search engines from multiple perspectives, and even includes a list of kid-friendly search engines and directories
Search Engines for the Internet
Singingfish - you can use this site to search international sources for video/audio files, news tories.
Starting Point This is an excellent site which allows you to do a search by only typing the search word once and accesses several major search engines.
Statistical Resources on the Web - you can use this site to hunt for statistics on just about anything.
Surf Point
Switchboard - a site to search for people and places - this site offers links to yellow and white pages, e-mail addresses and fax numbers from almost 200 different countries in the world.
Teoma - breaks down queries into categories or themes to seek the intent of what the searcher wants to find.
The Ultimates
Vivisimo - an ad-free site which offers a very useful search engine and then queries multiple sites.
Vroosh - a Canadian site which lets you search news topics, MP3 files and books.
What-U-Seek (c) 1996 - Search
World Pages
Yahoo - is probably the best known of the search engines; however, Yahoo is really only a web directory rather than a search engine.  Since it is based on user submission, it does not have the "crawler" going through the internet to search for sites that are not submitted.  There is a search engine available however when you access Yahoo.
Xrefer - a British site enabling you to search for books, music terms, etc.
Yahooligans Almanac -  Yahooligans teams up with to provide a pint-sized almanac of facts for younger students.
Specialized Search Engines
Arriba Vista - searches for audio, video, and graphics images
Ask Jeeves - answers questions asked in plain English
Search Engine Watch - contains specialty pages which searches discussion postings, among others.


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